KLARiTY Sales and Marketing Vancouver B.C.

KLARiTY Sales and Marketing (KSM) was established in 2017 by Bill Wehnert. 

It is based in the lower mainland Vancouver, BC area and serves customers in many different industries and markets.  

Bill Wehnert is a seasoned and experienced sales and marketing professional with a background in a variety of industries such as: International commodity trade, Marine Terminals, Logistics, Mining, Construction, Trucking, Rail and Advertising just to name a few.  KSM is not specific to any particular market or industry and can provide value to any business in any situation as long as there is a revenue stream.  The science of sales and marketing spans all businesses anywhere, anytime for any reason.  

Bill is a graduate of the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology in the business and marketing disciplines and is a graduate of the UBC Sauder School of Business Sales and Marketing Executive program.  He holds a Canadian Professional Sales and Marketing designation with Distinction from the Canadian Professional Sales Association of Canada (CPSA).  As a dedicated sales and marketing professional, he has devoted his professional career to top level performance and results. 

In almost every case, Bill has achieved the highest market share, pricing and customer loyalty with each company he has worked with over the years.  Many of his colleagues and subordinates have excelled under his leadership to higher level positions during their careers.  This track record of success has transcended timelines, market parameters and industries over the years which was part of the inertia for launching KSM. Increased sales, profits, employee morale and happy customers have been the common legacies left with the companies and people Bill has worked with over the years.

Helping companies and people identify, acknowledge and harness their true potential are the primary drivers for KSM.  We are able to provide a full spectrum of sales and marketing services that will propel your company forward.  Our focus is Sales; Consulting on your sales strategy, how it cascades through your sales team, procurement tactics, performance measurement tools and ultimately delivering results for revenue and profit growth.  We are able to manage, consult and outsource any areas of the marketing services that we do not specialize in to ensure you get what you need.  We do this by utilizing our partnership relationships with sales and marketing specialists in advertising, branding and creative (artwork). 

KLARiTY Sales and Marketing can help you reach the next level in your sales and marketing goals, we have the expertise and background to develop and implement very effective structures and tools to ensure your company reaches its optimum revenue potential.

Contact us today and let’s see how far we can drive your business tomorrow and forever.

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